Fr. Jacob Thomas

Principal, Mar Baselios Vidhya Bhawan

‘Knowledge is Power Information is liberating’

Education is the promise of progress, in every society, in every family. All men by nature desire to know and only the educated are free. At MBVB, KAILASH NAGAR, BHILAI we intend to develop a passion for learning. We are committed to impart quality education which builds character plus intelligence. Set amidst the lush green acreage and equipped with the state-of-the-art educational and sport facilities, the school provides an environment conducive to the holistic development of students. The excellent academic results and the achievements of the students in sports and cultural arena has garnered a name amongst the highest echelons in the city and the State. The school boasts of District Toppers, Nationally acclaimed Sports and Academic Achievers. We believe that every child is gifted and with a little encouragement and grooming, he/she can reach his true potential and become a better version of himself/herself.
The core aim of education is to provide young kids with a learning environment which brings out the best in them. We believe that every child is blessed with a unique set of characteristics and capabilities, which need to be cultivated so that they blossom.
At MBVB, KAILASH NAGAR, BHILAI with over 37 years of excellence in education has always aimed at providing the best quality education. It has created benchmarks of finest education and is committed to providing a progressive education system. We aim to develop a future generation that takes pride in our heritage and culture, and also turn into excellent professionals and achievers.
It is with this aim of offering brilliance to our students that we have established this school that provides a free environment to young kids wherein they can grow, learn and practice to their potential, imbibing in them the cultural benevolence, exploring latent talent and developing a strong respect for our Culture & Nation.
From recruiting highly skilled teachers to offering the best educational programmes, great care is taken to assure that the students get nothing short of the best